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Lobbies are Closed

In response to the increase in Covid-19 cases in the communities we serve, we are temporarily closing our lobbies at both the Plainfield and Cedar Springs locations. Our goal is to help keep our communities safe by limiting in-person contact. All teller transactions are drive-thru only.

We are still available for consumer loans, mortgages, and all account services.

Contact us at




ATMs, Online, and Mobile Banking: Download the Mobile App are all available, including consumer and mortgage lending options through It’s Me 247.

We are here to Serve You.

Thank you for your understanding as we help protect the health and welfare of our team, our members, and our communities.

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Lobbies are temporarily closed at both the Plainfield and Cedar Springs locations. Drive-throughs are open. For consumer loans, mortgages, and account services, please call 888.336.3490 or leave a message via the Contact Us button.Contact Us >